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Mini Paintball

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Mini Paintball

Info about the Mini Paintball Guns

Paintball has become a very popular sport in the last decade and the technology used for this sport has evolved considerably. Some of the latest developments in this genre is the mini paintball guns, markers, which offer the most up-to-date technology for the benefit of the players. With this article we will try to explain more about the mini paintball guns.

Because they are called "mini", these paintball guns are miniature size. Their usual weight is just less than 2 kg. before the jump and the air tank is installed. These markers are ideal for speedball paintball players or players with small hands. Because of their downsized measurements, the prices are also lower compared to normal paintball gun. A brand new mini paintball gun costs about $ 300 while other small arms go around $ 200.

These weapons have the ability to shoot 20 paintballs per second and use less air in relation to other markers in the process. Despite its size, these weapons are both accurate and consistent, and these positive attributes come from Sable electronic system. They are easy to clean because they have a very simple design. There are only three parts — the marker barrel, breach and bolt. A simple design also means easy maintenance, and mini paintball guns can often be repaired at home with minimal effort.

A mini paintball gun is a very good way to start paintball if you have not tried it before, because mini paintball guns are cheap and very easy to maintain plus that they provide excellent quality. These weapons are particularly recommended for speed ball players and amateur paintball players. Of course, they are also equal for the simulation game, where everything from the dress and weapons to the props and sets are historically accurate, both in appearance and function.

Such weapons are effective right out of the box, but they can be fully changed to the desired on the player. The frame of the mini-gun will always remain small and light, but the player can install longer barrels, triggers, and harder for the market boards to improve efficiency. Remember that all changes made to a paintball gun must obey the tournament rules.

Although these weapons are slowly revolutionize the industry, making many paintball players, especially belonging to some niches, not like these futuristic look and functions of these weapons, it is a matter of taste, but all things considered, the invention of mini paintball guns have brought a new face to the entire industry.

We will leave it up to you to decide if you prefer the traditional paintball guns or if you like to use these modern mini guns that are more and more popular among paintball players from around the world. Many paintball players old and new are expected to experience this new paintball technology in the coming years. But they are not exactly suitable for all types of shooting. They really are their own unique unit. Here are some of the newest addition, these miniature weapons to the market.

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