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Marker Gun

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Marker Gun

The Main Paintball Gun Parts: Know Your Weapon

The Main Paintball Gun Parts: Know Your Weapon

If you are involved in the sport, it is important to know the most important paintball gun parts. You must understand the components of your cursor to ensure their successful work and to facilitate cleaning and upgrading. Beginners may be over whelmed by terms such as: the bottom line adapters, quick disconnect feed neck, CP micro-droplets and magic regulators. In general, most paintball gun parts fall under the one of the following main categories: body, hopper, tank or barrel.

The largest of paintball gun parts, the main part of the marker. This includes the bolt and trigger frame. Bolts help reduce ammo failure caused by a slow feed. The body parts can be taken apart to incorporate upgrades and accessories. Best not to try this before you have become familiar with your weapon.

The body of the gun is fairly standard across the models. The biggest difference is in the position of the trigger. The further forward the trigger has been placed, the easier it is to handle the cursor with one hand and the lower profile of the body. Guns with lower profiles are more successful in the field, markers with large bodies provide a larger target.

The next most important of the paintball gun parts are jumping. They jump, or upload a marker shops and loads ammo. Between 40-300 paintballs can be held by different hoppers. Speed, weight and reliability of the gun is heavily influenced by the type of jump.

Stick feeds are commonly used in pump action markers. They are the least sophisticated and reliable of the types of jumps.

Gravity feeds are a simple and inexpensive alternative. But they are prone to jamming issues cause ball breakage or blockage in the hopper.

Agitating hoppers have a propeller inside the container that prevents the paintballs from jamming. They have a faster firing rate than the previous loaders.

Force feed hoppers are used by professional or tournament play paintball because they can keep up with the required loading rate. The device is spring-loaded, or driven by a belt system. It captures paintballs and forcing them into the cursor. They are the most sophisticated, reliable and most expensive of the types of jumps.

Another of the major paintball gun parts tank. Paint Balls can be thrown in various ways and the tank contains fuel. Markers commonly use CO2 gas or high pressure air (HPA). The terms "nitrogen tank" and "HPA" tank does the same.

CO2 gas was the original material progress. Early cannons were driven of small CO2 cylinders that was good for about 15 shots. These developed into 12 gram CO2 tanks with a 200-shot capacity.

HPA tanks can be either high or low pressure. The regulator on the tank controls the output pressure. Some tanks have preset outputs pressure, others are adjustable. HPA is generally more reliable than CO2 and do not need an evaporation system to shoot.

The last of the major paintball gun parts are the barrel. As the barrel determines the speed, distance and accuracy for paintball, it is an important part of the marker. Fat comes in a variety of types distinguished by length, bar and texture. Generally, the longer barrel, more accurate shot that paintball more room to stabilize before leaving the barrel. Longer barrels will fire more quiet than the shorter models, but they need a bigger burst of air to drive the ball.

There are different barrels for different types of game scenarios. The sniper paintball gun is an example. It can be equipped with a scope to put the goal in a clearer line of sight, and a red dot laser light to add realism. Some weapons you can change the barrel to change the whole make up of the gun.

The instruction booklet accompanying gun will show you the different paintball gun parts and how to modify and maintain them. Although paintball guns are durable, the small working parts must be replaced occasionally. Paintball guns are designed to be upgraded so that they can evolve with the abilities of the players to use them. This saves the player had to buy a new gun as they become more capable. Paintball gun packages will include all the essential paintball gun parts and accessories are also seen useful.

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